FREE Shipping on all orders within UK 

FREE Shipping on all orders within UK 


  1. We accept payments via PayPal or website
  2. Other, not mentioned ways of payment are not allowed.
  3. Mighty Prints. , reserves the rights to accept or refuse certain payments in some cases.


  1. We accept returns with 30 days of order placed.
  2. Due to the nature of the product, we only accept returns if we are at fault, i.e. wrong colour, size or damaged in away
  3. Artwork - We would print whatever is sent to us; we would not take return based on poor artwork; this is down to the buyer. 
  4. Please email us on before returning the product to us. Please put your order name and postcode in the subject line.
  5. We have our instructions located on our website, if our stickers are used without reading our instructions, we will not issue any refund as there a process to use these stickers. You can damage the sticker without using our instructions. 

 Delivery and Process time

  1. All of our products are free delivery regardless of cost or spend. 
  2. Delivery can take 3 - 5 working days and process time is 1 - 3 working days. Maximum time to get an order is eight working days
  3. Any order with delivery beyond the UK borders must be determined on a case by case basis with the Seller.
  4. Packages are sent via courier.
  5. Packaging for transport and all other packaging are not subject to return, according to the guidelines for packaging. The buyer agrees to the disposal of containers at their own expense.
  6. Estimated delivery time is approximately between 3 and five working days which is calculated from the change of status "in development" or "final confirmation of pictures with faults" and the day of shipment of the finished product to the courier company.
  7. The Seller is not responsible for any damage caused by the courier.
  8. Orders with different processing time are sent after completion of all orders, mainly after the longest of these. Some of the completed products can be sent individually, in particular, an order exceeding the size of a typical courier.
  9. Extending the time of delivery does not relieve the Buyer from keeping the conditions of the purchasing contract, and in particular at the delivery process.
  10. For delivery of goods not fulfilling the provisions of the agreement caused by a fault of The Seller, The Buyer agrees to grant The Seller an additional deadline for making the order is not less than two weeks.