FREE Shipping on all orders within UK 

FREE Shipping on all orders within UK 

Eat , Sleep , Print , Repeat

Mighty Prints is a team of designers, printers and creative individuals who love what they do. We love to create and product wall stickers for homes and business.  We offer a complete experience for our customers, from designing their own stickers with one of our designers to a ready to stick sticker which is posted directly to there home or business.

Like all great business, Mighty Prints started from a garage in west London, overtime, Mighty Prints outgrew the garage and moved into a commercial property in Surrey. We grew with our customers, by offering outstanding customer service and brilliant products, we were able to build a brand that became very strong.

There is one main product we offer, we offer everything that is vinyl stickers. That is from wall stickers, window stickers, sign stickers to frosted stickers for restaurants. We allow our customer to create there own stickers from just an idea and we work very with the customer to make that idea into a sticker. 

We love what we do, and work to make sure our customers get what they want at the highest standard. 

Thank You 
Team Mighty Prints  

Services Include

  • Wall Stickers 
  • Signage 
  • Window Stickers 
  • Floor Stickers 
  • Suppliers of Vinyl 
  • Ddecal Printing 
  • Signs Making