Who you are

Mighty Prints was created by Raj Singh back in 2014. He had a love for decor and made his first sticker for a wedding he was attending. He quickly realised that it was something he enjoys doing from designing to installing the sticker. At the point, Mighty Prints was created and evolved into a market leader in production Wall and Window Stickers. 

What matters to Us

Our Customers and our team matter us. We offer a unique service were customers can create a wall or window sticker by just talking to one of our designers.  This allows us to engage with our customers to create a sticker with their vision. The best part, when they send us a photo of sticker on the wall or window we help them create from scratch. 

What We do

All we do is design and print our own wall and window stickers. We have our own collection of stickers  but our unique service is our custom printing service. Customer contact us every day, asking us to make stickers for them, the design could be a certain size, colour or the design itself they need to be produced into a sticker. What it even better, we do not charge extra for this service, it is completely FREE!

How We do it

We use premium vinyl only from UK based manufactures. We NOT use vinyl that is cheap or that rips easy. Our vinyl will not fall off the surface after 3 months of applying the sticker, what is even better, our vinyl us fully removable. Our vinyl last up to 5 years on any surface and is waterproof. Our vinyl will not fade or discolour if left our side. We use two types of technology when we are printing our stickers. Our first technology is our Latex Printers which lets us to multi colour stickers, and second technology is our vinyl cutting service.