Create Your Own Wall Sticker


Creating a wall sticker can be very daunting at times, but we have created an easy and simple step by step guild on how to create a wall sticker for your home or office. 

Step One: A space to fill

Wall stickers are a great way to add some colour or meaning to a room, this can be a colour scheme you want to add or a quote to inspire your team or family. With technology today, you can almost create any design in any size.

Step Two: Design the Space

A designer would need a small brief of what you are looking for, this can an image of what you looking or just a couple of lines, to have a rough idea, Our designers would not need much to create a great sticker for you. All they need image/Text, the size and colours you are looking for. One great thing where we are different from other company's, we send you a mock design for approval, once you are happy with the design, we send the sicker to our print workshop.

Step Three: The Printer's doing the hard bit

Once we have your approval, we send the sticker to our print team who have all the design work, colour and sizing, They use matte colours vinyl to make your wall sticker. We use matte colours as they are ideal for inside to stop any light glare and any bumps that way be in the wall. It creates a nice blended effect on your current wall. 


Step Four: The checks

The same designer will check the print to make sure all colours, sizing and design are exactly like the approved work, once it's signed off, we will dispatch your order to you. 

Step Five: The Print on the wall

Once you have the print, in our box you have the sticker and the instructions. Our stickers are very easy to apply, and we made sure we offer as much guidance in our instruction's. Within 1 hour, your idea will be on your wall.

Ordering a wall sticker from us is a very easy and simple process, to make sure it's easy for everyone from first-timers to experienced installers.

Here is a link to our Custom Wall Sticker to get the process started.